AZ Sheriff: Money Needed For Smuggling, Drug “Epidemic”


Pima County, Az., sheriff Clarence Dupnik pleaded for help after a fatal ambush of undocumented immigrants 25 miles south of Tucson last month, reports the Christian Science Monitor. Two illegal immigrants were killed and another injured in an apparent botched heist of a drug shipment. “The violence associated with the problem of migration and narcotics has reached epidemic proportions,” said. “If we had the money for the kinds of resources that we need, we could make a huge impact on border violence and crime.”

As Congress debates an immigration program that many say is the only way to deal with the smuggling problems and the violence that it entails, Dupnik’s stance shows that law-enforcement officers on the front lines are beginning to speak out, unite, and search for their own solutions. The U.S. bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has sent a new special agent to lead Arizona’s efforts. “ICE is taking the lead in trying to consolidate the disparate and disjointed efforts – at least on the human smuggling side,” says Alonzo Peña, agent in charge of ICE for Arizona.


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