Cincinnati Paper Says Killer List Is ‘Cause for Alarm’


In an editorial, the Cincinnati Enquirer says a plan to identify “likely killers” in the city “ought to set off alarm bells among those who favor the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.” Four community organizers, including two candidates for City Council, have generated a list of 1,546 “ticking time bombs” they say are most likely to commit murder or other violent acts in the future.

The paper says, “But in the process, they are trampling on rights by generating a list of suspects for crimes not committed. Their list consists of people who have committed a violent crime in the past year and have one prior offense involving a gun or drugs. Many are on probation or parole, and 43 percent are already in jail…The data the group has gathered is clearly public information, available to anyone willing to search through court records. But the uses to which it could be put are cause for alarm.”


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