Ramsey Floats Interest In Returning To Chicago As Chief


Former Washington, D.C., police chief Charles Ramsey says he’s intrigued by the prospect of coming home to run the Chicago Police Department at a time when the city is vying to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Foremost on Ramsey’s mind is what would happen to the Chicago police pension he is now collecting. Said Ramsey, 59: “I love the city. I love the department. I still have family in Chicago. I have a great deal of respect for Mayor Daley. It’s an exciting time with planning for the Olympics, the challenges of crime and personnel.”

Ramsey said he has not been contacted about the Chicago search. If he applies, he has no doubt about his ability to lead the department where he began as a cadet and served for 27 years. Police Superintendent Phil Cline resigned April 2 in the wake of the controversy surrounding police handling of three barroom brawls involving off-duty police officers. Ramsey is the former head of Chicago’s community policing who was the odds-on favorite to become superintendent in 1998. Ramsey resigned as Washington, D.C., chief last year after a mayoral shift. Ramsey’s case appears strengthened by three factors: the top ranks are thinner than they’ve been in years; politically, the next superintendent is almost certain to be black or Hispanic; and Daley is open to an outsider after scandals, and could get the best of both worlds in Ramsey.

Link: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/352301,CST-NWS-ramsey22.article

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