Cincinnati Pols Compile List Of Area’s 1,500 Most Dangerous


Two Cincinnati City council candidates and a county commissioner say they have compiled a list of the 1,500 most dangerous criminals in the area–those with the propensity to commit murder and other acts of violence, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. The three want police and others to use the list to prevent violent crime. They plan to give the list to police, probation officials, community groups, and others. “We will target and focus on the 1,500 most dangerous criminals walking the streets of Cincinnati,” said Charlie Winburn, a Republican candidate for council. “This will reduce the homicide rate, reduce the number of people shot on the streets and reduce the number of shots fired. Our next homicide will probably come from this list.”

It’s unclear whether any law enforcement agencies are interested. Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher wasn’t aware of the list and declined comment. Civil rights lawyer Robert Newman called the idea an invitation to 1,500 defamation lawsuits as soon as the list is distributed beyond law enforcement. “I don’t care what the profile is,” he said. “The fact of the matter is it’s a prediction. I think it’s very unfortunate that they’re thinking about doing this.” Being on such a list, he said, could hurt people’s chances for jobs and housing. The group declined to release the list to the media. People on the list have been arrested for a violent crime in the past 12 months and are wanted on an arrest warrant or are on probation or parole. Forty-three percent are imprisoned. The criminal convictions that land people on the list come from public records available on


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