Cho’s Attack Eerily Reminiscent Of Columbine Killings


Colorado’s Columbine High School is closed today, the eighth anniversary of the killing of 12 students and a teacher there by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. USA Today notes the similarities with this week’s massacure by student Cho Seung Hui at Virginia Tech. In his contempt-filled rants, Cho referred to “martyrs like Eric and Dylan.” Like them, he posed in dark garb and gloves, a backwards cap, and ammo-filled vest and brandished the guns he used to kill at least 30 people and injure 28 others before killing himself.

Harris and Klebold left profanity-filled writings and images. They blamed bullies and assailed the campus culture. Cho, too, condemned his schoolmates’ “debaucheries,” branding them “snobs” and “brats” obsessed with luxuries. “He behaved the same, talked the same, did the menacing poses,” said a one-time friend of Harris whom the killer threatened a year before the attack. “It shows he has really internalized a lot of the pain, similar to Eric and Dylan.”


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