WI Police Trained In Dealing With Veterans’ Traumatic Stress


What would be considered road rage on Wisconsin highways is normal driving for a U.S. military member at the wheel of a Humvee in Iraq, says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Veterans returning from war may have difficulty moving from one culture to another – the culture of war, death and violence to the culture of home, peace and family.

Madison police officers watched a PowerPoint presentation last week on the effects of combat stress and post-traumatic stress. Because some Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are crossing paths with law enforcement, local police and sheriff’s departments require officers to attend an hourlong session to help them understand why some veterans are getting into trouble and how to help them. Jeff Johnson of the state Department of Veterans Affairs said warning signs of post-traumatic stress include aggressive driving, inappropriate aggression, alcohol abuse, carrying a weapon because they feel safer armed, being secretive, angry or detached.

Link: http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=591503

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