Boston Hopes Law Will Allow Focus On Secondary Gun Market


Boston law enforcement officials and community leaders are hailing a new proposal to stem the flow of guns to the city’s streets, the Boston Globe reports. Legislation filed by state Senator Jarrett Barrios seeks to make it more difficult for gun traffickers to avoid detection by creating a central database tracking guns bought and sold on the secondary market. It will also make it illegal not to report a lost or stolen gun, allow judges to consider illegal gun possession when setting bail, and ban the bulk purchase of firearms.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said a change in the bail law would be especially significant, because judges are limited to considering primarily whether a defendant is likely to flee. Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said the proposal to bolster law enforcement’s ability to track guns bought and sold on the secondary market could improve the department’s ability to investigate shootings. Last year, Boston police solved, with the identification of a suspect or an arrest, 38 percent of the 74 homicides and 23 percent of nonfatal shootings or assaults with guns.


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