FL, LexisNexis Team To Find “Missing” Sex Offenders


The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, working with database company leader LexisNexis, has begun using a new advanced investigative solution for responding to child abductions and locating and monitoring noncompliant sex offenders, reports the Florida Times-Union. There are 600,000 sex offenders in the U.S., but 100,000 of them do not register as required by law.

LexisNexis combs through public records to learn who the convicted sex offenders are, their aliases, Social Security numbers, photos, physical descriptions, and even where their relatives and associates live. It also compiles information from such public records as mortgage applications, utility and rental deposits. “They ultimately get into our system,” said a LexisNexis official, “and our system is able to distinguish between an innocent person and a sexual predator who happen to have the same names.” The system provides leads, but it doesn’t trump old-fashioned legwork. “They still have to go out and knock on doors,” said the LexisNexis staffer, “but we can lead them to the right doors.”

Link: http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/041107/met_9164427.shtml

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