Cincinnati Use Of Force Monitor Finds Significant Progress


The Cincinnati Police Department has complied with more than 90 percent of the provisions of an agreement to end the use of excessive force, said a court-appointed monitor quoted by the Cincinnati Enquirer. In his final report on the Justice Department agreement before it expires tomorrow, monitor Saul Green declared that “significant accomplishments in police reforms have taken place.” The agreement dictated reforms in police policy, training, and officer discipline in the use of force against suspects. It followed the 15th police custody death in six years in 2001. Since, there have been two.

Green found only partial compliance in three areas: The investigation of citizen complaints by internal affairs officers and the independent Citizen Complaint Authority; an employee tracking system database to monitor police conduct; and documentation of use-of-force incidents. The monitor noted a weakness in making sure the subjects of police force – especially by the use of Tasers – were interviewed.


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