911 Call Yields Arrest In NJ Case Where FBI Agent Was Killed


A massive manhunt for an alleged bank robber ended this morning when a 911 call led police to a shirtless, shoeless man in the New Jersey woods, reports the Newark Star- Ledger. Police say the man is Francisco Herrera-Genao, who allegedly escaped into the woods with a rifle after an FBI agent was shot and killed near a bank in Readington yesterday. Nearly 300 law enforcement officers spent the night searching. A prosecutor said: “This morning a motorist called 911 saying somebody was attempting to break into their car while they were in it and carjack them.

Herrera-Genao was located less than a mile from the bank. FBI agent Barry Lee Bush, 52, was staking out a trio of men suspected in a series of recent bank robberies when he was killed, apparently by friendly fire, FBI officials said. He died a short time after the chaotic shooting in the parking lot of a garden center across the street from the bank.

Link: http://blog.nj.com/ledgerupdates/2007/04/cops_cuff_shirtless_shoeless_m.html

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