Boston Leader Seeks City-Paid Citizen Anticrime Patrols


A Boston City Councilor, Michael Flaherty, wants the city to create a more aggressive network of neighborhood crime watch groups that would join the Guardian Angels in patrolling high-crime areas of the city, the Boston Globe reports. Flaherty met last night with Curtis Sliwa, the New York-based founder of the Alliance of Guardian Angels, to talk about ways to coordinate the group’s efforts. Sliwa also met with Police Commissioner Edward Davis, capping a week of tension between police and the Guardian Angels, who came to Boston against the wishes of Davis and Mayor Thomas Menino after a New York woman was shot to death.

Sliwa said the meetings went well and that police and community leaders want the Guardian Angels to stay.Police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said, “The police commissioner welcomes the additional eyes and ears out on the street.” flaherty’s proposal wants neighborhood groups to patrol systematically and report suspicious activity to police. The proposal, which he estimated would cost about $100,000 for each neighborhood where it would be implemented, is modeled after a crime-watch program in Chinatown, where there are about 30 volunteers. Each night, half a dozen of the volunteers don blue vests and hats and patrol the neighborhood.


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