MA May Offer Boston Cops The City Doesn’t Want


Scrambling to find solutions for Boston’s homicide problem, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick pledged to dig up money for more Boston cops, reports the Boston Herald. Mayor Thomas Menino doesn't want state troopers walking the beat in Hub hot spots. “I'm not in favor of (state troopers) going into the neighborhoods of Boston,” Menino said. “They don't know the players, they don't know the streets, they don't know the conditions of those neighborhoods.”

The two leaders met behind closed doors with Police Commissioner Ed Davis and came up with a three-point plan of attack to deal with the spate of violence that has left 16 dead in the city this year. The focus will be on increasing funding for summer jobs programs to keep at-risk teens off the streets, beefing up re-entry programs for ex-cons, and forming police partnerships. Patrick, whose budget includes cash for 500 new cops statewide, said his goal is to find money to beef up Boston's overburdened force immediately.


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