After Dallas Cop Killing, Some Officers Want Better Ammo


Some Dallas patrol officers say they need more powerful ammunition for their AR-15 rifles, reports the Dallas Morning News. Their concerns were prompted by the March 23 slaying of Senior Cpl. Mark Nix after he rushed up to a car he believed contained a murder suspect. When other patrol officers fired AR-15 rifle rounds at the windows of the car, the plastic-tipped rounds penetrated the windows, but the bullets fragmented upon entry into the car.

That is what they were meant to do, but some officers want metal-tipped rounds – what are commonly known as “full metal jacket” bullets – that do not fragment upon hitting a target. Full metal jacket rounds continue along their trajectory after they penetrate thicker surfaces such as some windows, doors, or a person’s body. Such rounds are barred now out of concern is that an officer may fire an AR-15 at an intended target and the bullet would travel too far, striking an innocent victim. Michael Pottorff, president of the Dallas Fraternal Order of Police, wants to raise the issue with Police Chief David Kunkle.


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