Boston To Seek More Federal Cases In Gang Violence Surge


Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis will send more gang and gun cases to federal authorities in hope that the threat of longer prison sentences will help quell an increase in gun violence, reports the Boston Globe. Davis made the announcement after a weekend of gunfire that killed two men and injured another trying to shield his son from an armed robber. An 18-year-old man was shot in the head Friday while riding an public transit bus. “They will not get away with this,” Davis said of their killers. “They will go to jail.”

The department’s gang, drug, and bicycle units will patrol several targeted neighborhoods almost exclusively, and officers on desk duty will be reassigned to street duty one day each week. Davis has instructed detectives to tail suspected gang members on a daily basis. When a person is convicted of federal charges, that usually means longer sentences in an out-of-state prison, far away from family. Authorities used a similar strategy to control gang-related violence in Boston in the mid-1990s. U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan said his office would provide whatever resources the city needed. “We’re absolutely committed in terms of the partnership,” he said in an interview. “We remain optimistic that through this partnership, we’re going to see a reduction in violent crime and a reduction in homicides.”


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