To the End, Condemned TX Man Proclaims Innocence


In his final moments Thursday, convicted Texas murderer Roy Lee Pippin maintained his innocence, blasting those he said were responsible for his wrongful execution. “I charge the people of the jury, trial judge, the prosecutor that cheated to get this conviction,” Pippin said while strapped to a gurney in Texas’ death chamber. “I charge each and every one of you with the murder of an innocent man. You will answer to your maker when you find out you have executed an innocent man.”

Pippin, 51, was put to death for the 1994 kidnappings and fatal shootings of Miami cousins Elmer and Fabio Buitrago. Pippin, a member of a Colombian drug ring, admitted he helped kidnap the men but said he was not present when they were killed. The men were suspected of pocketing almost $2 million from the operation. In his final statement, Pippin admitted his role in laundering drugs and money. He concluded, “That’s it. Warden, go ahead and murder me.” He was pronounced dead eight minutes after the lethal drugs began to flow–the second execution this week in Texas.


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