Drug Tests Becoming Routine in Some School Districts


For middle and high school students in about 1,000 districts across the country, including about two dozen in New Jersey, random drug tests have become routine, like pop quizzes for a student's body. The increase in screening began after the United States Supreme Court ruled in 2002 that schools could test students participating in extracurricular activities, reports the New York Times.

Students are screened for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and an assortment of other narcotics, and a growing number of districts are now looking to use urine tests to determine whether students have drunk alcohol, including outside school. If they have, parents are notified and students are barred from school activities until they receive counseling. Test results are confidential and are not included on disciplinary records.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/25/nyregion/nyregionspecial2/25RDRUG.html

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