Cincinnati Police Report Problems With Cruiser Computers


Almost a decade after Hamilton County, Ohio, voters approved a tax levy to buy police cruiser computers for all 44 police forces, the biggest department – Cincinnati – reports the computers don’t always work. Some officers complain that they can be headed to a call and look at the screen only to find it has gone blank. To retrieve the details, they have to log on again, a process they don’t have time for when they’re in a hurry, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The mobile data computers were billed as a big time-saver for officers, leading to more time on patrol. Almost 3,000 officers throughout the county have been trained to use the computers, installed in 712 cars. Officers also have contributed to some of the problems by logging on to too many user groups, which slows the system. In general, officers find that the police computer system is not as fast as their home computers.


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