TX Police Arrest TV Reporter In Hospital Investigation


Amarillo, Tx., police arrested a Lubbock television reporter Tuesday at an Amarillo hospital as she conducted an undercover investigation into nursery security at the city’s two hospitals, reports the Amarillo Globe News. Cecelia Lynn Coy-Jones, 33, of Lubbock, who works for the NBC affiliate KCBD, posted $10,000 in in bonds on two counts of attempted aggravated kidnapping. Police said Coy-Jones, dressed in hospital scrubs and was holding a big orange bag, was wearing small wire with a “pin camera” inside when police arrested her at Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospital.

Coy-Jones told a security officer she was testing how long it took security and police to respond to a suspicious person. Hospital staff then notified police and escorted her out of the hospital. Hospital surveillance pictures showed the closest Coy-Jones got to any child was “within an arm’s length of a nurse caring for a newborn,” said a police officer. “We have a person claiming she is a newsperson. To us, that is extremely unprofessional. We can’t verify who she is at that point.” The television station said it was checking on security measures after recent infant kidnappings in Lubbock by individuals posing as nurses.

Link: http://www.amarillo.com/stories/032807/reporter.shtml

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