Police-Community Relations Poor In Boston’s Dorchester Area


For those who say Boston police did not do enough to protect a 22-year-old tourist who climbed into a car with strangers and was gunned down outside an after-hours party last weekend, the Boston Herald cites this incident from a police report: near the scene of the tourist killing two days earlier, two police officers were transporting a prisoner when an 18-year-old reputed Cape Verdean gangbanger jumped in front of their cruiser and demanded, “Why'd you arrest my (expletive). Get out of the car, you (expletive)! I'll get you! Watch your back when you're up in here. Next time I see you guys, you're going to get popped.”

The tirade, thick with racial slurs, didn't stop as the cops drove on and radioed the description of the teen, who turned out to be a suspected drug dealer. when a backup cruiser arrived to arrest the man for threatening police, neighbors joined the fracas. “The group began screaming at officers and calling them racial terms (like honky and white bitches),” says the police report. “They began telling officers to get out of their neighborhood.” The Herald wishes good luck to the Guardian Angels, the unarmed crime-fighters due in Boston today to patrol this area of Dorchester. They're going up against thugs such as the man who told police last week: “You crackers watch. I'm going to get you all. Next time I see I cop I'm going to clap (kill) him. I'm going to clap all you fools.”

Link: http://news.bostonherald.com/localRegional/view.bg?articleid=191532

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