Emotional St. Paul Chief “Baffled” By Black-On-Black Crime


St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington is lamenting black-on-black crime in his community, says the Minenapolis Star Tribune. At a community forum last night, Harrington called on residents to get active in crime prevention in their neighborhoods. “The issue I could never get much traction on is this issue,” said Harrington. “And that’s the issue of us hurting each other.” One resident blamed some of the violence in the black community on newcomers who don’t care much about the city’s heritage.

Last year in St. Paul, 65 of 262 rape victims and 820 of 1,717 victims of aggravated assault were black. “I don’t understand that. It baffles me,” the chief said. “Eight-hundred-twenty black folks just about got killed.” An emotional Harrington called for an end to any misconceptions that crime in black communities is acceptable. He said he never accepted crime growing up as the son of a law enforcement officer on Chicago’s South Side. “I object to the concept that black folks should have to live with crime,” he said. Police will work to improve community relations and to modify their services to suit neighborhood needs.

Link: http://www.startribune.com/462/story/1083987.html

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