Critic: Cleveland Surveillance Cameras “A Money Grab”


Cleveland City Council members want mobile speeding cameras to target residential streets, where children play and seniors stroll, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. City records show the cameras snagged more than 2,500 drivers last year on two busy main roads. Council members from those neighborhoods said they think money, not safety, is the reason officials chose the camera locations. “It’s a money grab, and I have a real problem with that,” said Councilman Mike Polensek.

Cleveland began using portable cameras, operated by police officers in patrol cars, and unmanned cameras affixed to roadside poles starting in 2005 to nab speeders and drivers who run red lights. Fines, amounting to millions of dollars a year, are split between the city and the camera operators. Traffic Commissioner Timothy Bungo denied that revenue dictates the placement of the six mobile cameras. The 400 locations the city has selected for the cameras include school zones and high-accident areas, he said.


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