Chicago Will Suspend Officers Probed For Misconduct


Chicago Police Superintendent Philip Cline says he mishandled allegations against six officers involved in a videotaped bar beating, the Chicago Tribune reports. Cline vowed to take cops accused of misconduct off the street quickly when prosecutors indicate they might bring criminal charges. The six officers allegedly involved in the Dec. 15 melee have remained on active duty for three months despite evidence of misconduct captured on video viewed by police officials five days after the incident.

“The incident has made me realize we need to tighten up our process to ensure that officers that participate in this type of behavior do not remain on the street,” Cline says. From now on, when the police department refers accusations against officers to the state’s attorney’s office, police officials will meet with prosecutors within two days. If prosecutors pursue a criminal case against the officers, Cline said they would be stripped of police powers immediately. Yesterday, uniformed officers interfered with the news media at a court hearing for Anthony Abbate, the officer accused in another videotaped bar beating–the Feb. 19 attack on a female bartender.


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