Mexico Ambassador: U.S. Has Done “Zilch” On Narcotics


The U.S. has contributed “zilch” to Mexico’s efforts to combat the nations’ joint problem with criminal narcotics gangs, Mexico’s new ambassador to Washington told the Washington Post. “We are going to need significantly more in cooperation from the United States,” Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan said, including increased aid and intelligence and U.S. efforts to stop the southward flow of weapons, laundered money, and chemicals for the production of methamphetamines.

Sarukhan’s comments echoed recent criticism by Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Since his inauguration in December, Calderon has asserted that the United States is not doing enough to lower U.S. drug consumption or to help Mexico combat traffickers. He has also criticized U.S. border and trade policies as hindering the legal entry of Mexican citizens and goods. Caldern is “not trying to distance himself” from Bush, Sarukhan said, “but he wants to send a message that, before the hugs, before the fireworks, he actually needs to be able to prove to the Americans and to Mexicans” that the relationship can produce tangible results.


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