“Blue On Blue” Misconduct Complaints Hit Dallas Police


Three Dallas police officers have been accused by fellow officers of misconduct, says the Dallas Morning News. One expert says the unusual “blue on blue” complaints could be a critical turning point for the department of Police Chief David Kunkle, who has been working to improve its image and accountability. Kunkle appointed a special panel of five lieutenants to question officers on the matter.

Kunkle said the panel would look at whether some of the problems have arisen because some officers simply don’t like the hard-charging style of the trio. “This is going to define the character of the department,” said Sam Walker, a civilian oversight expert and emeritus professor of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. “If, in fact, he is right that people are being arrested when they have done nothing wrong, that is pretty serious. If you allow that for little stuff, it’s like a cancer: It can expand to the bigger stuff.”


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