Boston Mayor Seeks Crackdown On Violent Transit Crime


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is calling for a crackdown on violent crime on public transit, says the Boston Herald. Despite a slight dip in overall crime reported by commuters last year, there have been high-profile incidents such as a double stabbing at one stop and the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old near another station. Menino declared that more needs to be done to keep transportation hubs safe.

“I've seen fights; fistfights and knife fights,” said a 19-year-old passenger. Sources said Menino is so distressed about subway crime he is discussing ways to improve communication with transit police Chief Joseph Carter, who oversees 254, at his weekly Strategic Crime Council meetings. Last year, 972 major crimes – assaults, rapes, robberies, car thefts and larcenies – were reported to transit police, down from 1,000 in 2005. Deputy Transit Chief John Martino said the crime reported on public transportation is “infinitesimal” in comparison to 337 million passenger rides annually. He said, “The crime we do have is primarily youth-on-youth.”


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