In Washington State, Violence Up, Property Crime Down


From Spokane to Seattle, violent crime increased in many of Washington’s largest cities while property crime showed a significant decrease, say preliminary 2006 crime statistics reported by the Seattle Times. In Everett, there was a 12 percent rise in violent crime and a 19 percent rise in property crimes. Most other police agencies across the state reported a property crime drop. Domestic violence and hate crimes also decreased.

Overall, violent crime increased 0.8 percent statewide, while property crime decreased by 7.8 percent, for an overall crime decrease of 7.2 percent. Don Pierce of the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs said the drop in property crime could stem from a decrease in drug use, the state’s improving economy, and greater community activism. “It’s cyclical. You need to take a look at these things for a period over a year,” Pierce said. “It’s hard to know if this is truly the beginning of another trend.”


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