Compared With Kids, Little Police Searching For Missing Adults


Enough people are missing in the U. S. — more than 106,000 — to populate a midsize city, says the National Center for Missing Adults. The Cleveland Plain Dealer describes a typical case of a missing adult in Ohio. The law requires authorities to report missing children to the National Crime Information Center. Authorities don’t have to report missing adults.

That could soon change, at least in Ohio. A new law will require police to enter all missing persons — regardless of whether there is evidence of foul play — into the law-enforcement data system. The law does not require family members of missing people them to update police. Still, the lists give police a record in case they find the person. The Cleveland Police Department assigns one officer in each of the city’s six districts as a liaison to their detective bureaus on missing-person cases. These liaisons do not investigate the disappearances. They are merely the go-to person.


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