As Settlement Looms, FL Mulls Boy’s Boot Camp Death


Water and rest could have saved Martin Lee Anderson’s life. The nurse’s inaction led to the boy’s death. He suffocated when guards covered his mouth and forced him to inhale ammonia. Those are among theories doctors offered to explain why the 14-year-old died last year, after guards roughed him up at a Panama City boot camp, reports the St. Petersburg Times. Until now, two autopsy reports formed the backbone of discussion on Martin’s death. One medical examiner called it a natural death. The other medical examiner ruled it a homicide.

But among 20,000 pages of court documents released Wednesday by prosecutors in the case are variations of other theories from medical experts who reviewed the case, adding to the debate over the teen’s death. The documents are the result of an investigation by the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office, which ultimately blamed seven guards and the camp nurse in Martin’s death. Gov. Charlie Crist asked legislators Wednesday to approve a $5 million claims bill for Martin’s family.


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