Milwaukee Teen Offenders May Wait Months For Supervision


As more Milwaukee children in the juvenile justice system are being put on probation or more intensive supervision programs, some go for weeks or even months before their full supervision kicks in, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Some have committed new crimes during that time. Judges are concerned that children are waiting on average more than a month before they start meeting with a caseworker through the Serious Chronic Offenders Program.

The program is often used as a last-ditch effort to keep children in the community and avoid sending them to a juvenile correctional facility. They often have committed crimes like armed robbery. After declining for a few years, the number of children on probation at the end of the year was up 20.4 percent from 2004. Ohe overall number of cases passing through Children’s Court has been decreasing. That number was down 19.2 percent, more than 900 cases, from 2002 to 2006.


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