GA May Allow Motorists To Conceal Guns In Cars


Georgia motorists may legally hide a loaded gun in a car’s glove box or center console. They can also keep it in the seat next to them or even on the dashboard, as long as it’s exposed to plain view, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A state representative, Timothy Bearden, believes that motorists should be able to hide guns under their seats, between seat cushions, under visors, on the floorboards – just about anywhere they deem fit for a quick draw should they need one. His bill to allow the concealment of a firearm anywhere inside a car has overwhelmingly passed the House and is headed for a Senate committee.

If Bearden succeeds, Georgia would become the only state in the region where motorists can hide guns anywhere inside a car. “We are living in a violent world today,” Bearden said. “I just feel like if we had more freedoms under the Second Amendment, there would be a lot less crime out there because the criminals would be a lot more hesitant before they try to rob, rape, kill someone else.” The proposal divides law enforcement officials. Some say letting motorists hide guns will make traffic stops more dangerous. Others say criminals already hide guns in their cars, and that the law won’t make a difference in how officers approach a vehicle. The Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police opposes the bill.


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