Rand To Review NYC’s Stop And Frisk Tactics


The Rand Corporation, which is reviewing New York Police Department weapons training after the controversial shooting of Sean Bell last November, will also look at the department’s stop-and-frisk tactics, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said yesterday, according to the New York Daily News. Civil- rights advocates have criticized the department for searching more than a half million people last year, saying the tactics amount to harassment and racial profiling.

Rand will look at all the 508,540 stop-and-frisks during its six-month review. Of the 354,571 people stopped by precinct cops, just 13,400 – or about 4% – were arrested. The Daily News found that 78 percent of the people stopped by cops assigned to precincts were black or Hispanic. When Rand conducted a similar review in Cincinnati, it focused on what happened after a person was stopped. “We found that blacks were less likely than whites to be given a citation after getting stopped for the same reason, which could mean that they were stopped for no good reason,” said Dr. Greg Ridgeway, who heads the New York review.

Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/501719p-423057c.html

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