Probe Spreads On Illegal Performance-Enhancing Drugs


The arrests of four people in Florida this week and the indictments of at least six doctors around the U.S. linked to a pharmacy in Orlando, Fl., present striking evidence that authorities in several states have opened a new front in the war against illegal online sales of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, reports the New York Times. Signature Pharmacy of Orlando allegedly has dispensed thousands of prescriptions in recent years and has sold tens of millions of dollars' worth of controlled substances nationwide, including at least $10 million in New York State.

Albany County, N.Y. District Attorney P. David Soares emphasized that his investigation would focus on doctors and pharmacists – the suppliers and distributors for the illegal drug network – rather than on buyers. “A business like this doesn't work unless you have other participants, including doctors, who have parted company with their oath,” he said. Travis Tygart, general counsel for the United States Anti-Doping Agency, described the investigation and arrests as “the logical next step in getting at these drugs.”


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