N.M. Ex-Fed Prosecutor Says Politics Played Role In Firing


Congressional leaders will seek testimony from several U.S. attorneys who were fired by the Bush administration, reports McClatchy Newspapers. The former federal prosecutor in New Mexico alleged that he was fired because of political interference. The House is set to vote today on whether to subpoena four of the prosecutors. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to ask the U.S. attorneys to testify voluntarily before it decides whether to subpoena them.

David Iglesias, the departing U.S. attorney from New Mexico, told McClatchy Newspapers he believes he was forced out because he refused to speed up an indictment of local Democrats a month before November’s congressional elections. Iglesias said two members of Congress called separately in mid-October to inquire about the timing of a federal probe of a kickback scheme. He said they appeared eager for a pre-election indictment, to benefit Republicans. He refused to name the members of Congress because he feared retaliation. A Justice Department spokesman said, “This administration has never removed a United States attorney in an effort to retaliate against them or inappropriately interfere with a public integrity investigation.”

Link: http://www.realcities.com/mld/krwashington/16802797.htm

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