After Criticism, WA Cancels More Inmate Early Releases


The Washington Department of Corrections scrapped plans to release up to 150 convicted felons from custody after a similar release last week sparked heavy criticism, reports the Seattle Times. There is an overflow of convicted felons in nearly all of the 14 corrections-agency contract facilities across the state. “We’re reaching critical mass everywhere,” administrator Lori Ramsdell-Gilkey said. She added: “We have got to learn how to deal with this violator population without using confinement as our only option.”

The offenders released last week were told to report in person to their community corrections officers by 5 p.m. Monday. State Sen. Mike Carrell said offenders who violate the terms of their prison release should be punished more severely. “If we can find $1.2 billion to spend on schools I think we can find another $20 million to keep kids safe. Or whatever it takes,” he said. “This has got to be about keeping people safe. Felons are laughing at the system.”


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