Cheap Technology Helps Boost Counterfeit Bill Output


The amount of counterfeit money being accepted by consumers and stores is rising as people increasingly use inexpensive home computers and printers to produce phony money, reports USA Today. About $62 million in fake money entered circulation in the year ending Sept. 30. That was a more than 10% increase from 2005 and a 69 percent rise from three years earlier.

There has been a noticeable rise in counterfeiting in the past eight months in Pasco County, Fl., for example. One person charged people, including an undercover agent, for a counterfeiting how-to class. One man was arrested after dancers in a strip club realized he was passing out fake bills. A 62-year-old woman known as Grandma was caught this month trying to sell fake money at less than face value. A Secret Service official said the ease of using home computers to make the money has added challenges to catching counterfeiters.


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