Parents Demand Action After Possible Dallas “Cheese” Death


Dallas parents and community leaders, concerned about a cheap and deadly drug that has invaded a cluster of schools, demanded yesterday that school and police officials take the problem more seriously, reports the Dallas Morning News. A middle school student, 15, was found dead in bed Sunday morning after a night of partying. His family told police he frequently used cheese – a mixture of black tar heroin and Tylenol PM – and overdosed on it a year ago. He is thought to be the fourth youth to die from the drug since spring of 2006.

So far this school year, 113 students have been arrested for possessing cheese, compared with about 130 arrested for marijuana. Last school year, 90 students were arrested with cheese. Since September 2005, about 200 criminal cases involving students caught with cheese have been filed, according to a district spokeswoman. The youngest student caught with the drug was an 11-year-old in elementary school. “This is a really dangerous and highly addictive substance,” said a school official. School police plan to have a hotline set up early next week. Callers can provide anonymous tips that will be recorded and investigated.


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