K.C. Officer Firings Expected In Pregnant-Suspect Episode


Kansas City Police Chief Jim Corwin wants to fire two police officers for failing to provide medical care to a pregnant woman arrested in a traffic stop last year, reports the Kansas City Star. Corwin fired one jail employee and reprimanded a second who knew Sofia Salva was pregnant and bleeding but did not summon help. “Police officers are expected to help people, and this incident did not demonstrate that value,” Corwin said. “I expect members of this department to treat people with dignity and respect at all times. Behavior like this, although isolated, greatly disappoints me as a police chief and a human being.”

A dash-cam video showed two officers ignoring Salva's repeated pleas for medical help on Feb. 5, 2006. Salva told officers she was three months pregnant, bleeding, and wanted to go to a hospital. Salva, 32, spent 10 hours in jail, where she said jailers also ignored her pleas. She miscarried at a hospital the next day. The two officers can appeal their recommended firings to the city’s police board. The jail employee was fired yesterday.

Link: http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/16741706.htm

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