Pols Spar Over Records Access in NJ Corruption Probe


New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine and ranking Republican legislators are calling for the immediate release of all records demanded by the U.S. attorney in a widening corruption probe of the state legislature, reports the Newark Star-Ledger. As Corzine added to the pressure on his own party’s lawmakers, Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce called for an emergency public meeting of the Legislative Services Commission to investigate why top legislative officials have refused to comply with a grand jury subpoena obtained by U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie.

DeCroce and other members of the Assembly minority leadership called it “incomprehensible” that the Legislature and the Office of Legislative Services would challenge the U.S. attorney. “If legislators have made deals to enrich themselves, relatives or friends at the taxpayers’ expense, we should be welcoming the U.S. attorney with open arms and cooperating freely and gladly with his investigation,” DeCroce said.

Link: http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/index.ssf?/base/news-11/1171345587213500.xml&coll=1

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