After Mansion Invasion in San Diego, Police Say Cases Are Rare


Home invasions of the wealthy – the type that befell the family of billionaire financier Ernest Rady in La Jolla, Calif., last week – make news not only because of the victims’ notoriety and financial sphere, but also because they are so rare, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. Rady, 69, his wife and their housekeeper were held for nearly six hours. They were subdued with a Taser, tied up and threatened with a handgun.

Wearing a wig and latex gloves, the robber rummaged through the multimillion-dollar house overlooking La Jolla Shores, speaking several times on a cell phone. When Ernest Rady came home around dinnertime, the robber subdued the billionaire with the stun gun and tied him up. Rady has been heralded recently for a pair of philanthropic gifts totaling $90 million, perhaps attracting the robber’s attention. Ultimately, the invader left the mansion with just $43.


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