How San Diego’s Dr. Prison Helps New White Collar Inmates


Convicted of wire fraud and tax evasion, the man had been sentenced to 10 months in federal prison. He had only ever spent a few hours in jail. The San Diego Union-Tribune says that is why he paid hundreds of dollars and came to a noisy shopping center food court, for advice from Dr. Prison. Dr. Prison is a consulting business run by Steve Scholl that coaches men and women who are about to serve sentences in jail or prison. Dr. Prison teaches them how to talk, how to carry themselves, how to make allies and how to avoid making enemies. “Dr. Prison’s mission is to help you avoid being physically hurt, extorted, or possibly killed in prison,” the business says on its Web site,

“Just because you didn’t know you shouldn’t walk into another person’s open cell because you didn’t ask permission doesn’t mean you should get the crap beaten out of you,” said Scholl, who started Dr. Prison about two years ago. Scholl has never been to prison, but he works with 10 on-call ex-convicts. He carefully selects the right ones to match the client’s background and crime. Each client – he sees about two a month – is charged a fee based on the amount of time and attention they need. Rates start with the phone/e-mail package, at $275 for jail preparation and $375 for prison. The personal visit package runs $375 for jail, $575 for prison, with the client paying for travel expenses; and the video teleconference deal costs $900 for jail and $1,200 for prison. Dr. Prison works with families of convicts, advising them how to best support their loved ones. This month, Scholl will start hosting a national, online radio talk show Saturday nights on Listeners can call in for advice.


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