After Astronaut Murder Charge, NASA Checks Psych Tests


If astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak’s life was falling apart, she gave no hint to colleagues at Johnson Space Center before her arrest in Orlando on a charge of attempted murder, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Last weekend, Nowak drove nonstop to Orlando, where she assaulted Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman with pepper spray in an airport parking lot, police say. NASA will reassess its psychological-testing procedures for astronauts. At the direction of NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, they are going back to see whether they missed any red flags with Nowak, 43. They also will take a more intense look at NASA’s psychological-screening process to see whether it’s thorough and frequent enough.

NASA officials began questioning astronauts and other employees after Nowak’s arrest, but no one had recalled anything abnormal about her behavior. “We were all taken by surprise,” said one official.


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