Survey: Teen Crime A Problem, Rehab A Favored Solution


More than 90 percent of Americans believe youth crime is a major problem in their communities, says a new survey commissioned by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency. Seventy-two percent believe that incarcerating teens in adult correctional facilities “makes them more likely to commit future crime.” Some 91 percent of those surveyed believe that rehabilitative services and treatment for incarcerated youths can help prevent future crimes.

Comparing the effectiveness of various anticrime tactics, 95% cited education and job skills training, 92% cited increased counseling and substance abuse tratment, and 96 percent cited more prevention services for youth. Lower percentages endorsed prosecuting more teens as adults, and harsher penalties generally–72 percent and 67 percent respectively. The survey, done by Zogby International, showed that “striking majorities favor rehabilitative services for young people,” said the Oakland, CA-based NCCD.


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