CO Plans Crackdown On Human Traffickers


Colorado state police officials are creating a 24-trooper unit to crack down on the flood of illegal immigrants flowing through the state, says the Rocky Mountain News. With troopers intercepting on average 500 suspected illegal immigrants a week, State Patrol Chief Mark Trostel said the focus will be on busting human smugglers. Given a shortage of jail space to hold illegal immigrants and the sheer number of offenders, the unit won’t be raiding businesses or assisting local police agencies.

One Colorado legislator reported complaints from frustrated troopers that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials were reluctant to pick up suspected illegal immigrants. Trostel said collaboration between state and federal authorities has improved and they’re completing an agreement outlining their new enforcement partnership. A key goal is to halt smugglers’ reckless practice of cramming vans and trucks with illegal immigrants, endangering the occupants and others on the road, he said.


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