Critics Cite OH Secrecy On Status Of Sex Offender


Convicted Ohio sexual predator Michael Hamblin finally is being held more accountable, says Lori Robertson, the woman who launched a successful effort for tougher laws after Hamblin exposed himself to her daughter in a department store, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Even more action is needed to protect and inform sex-crime victims, Robertson says. Hamblin, who faces two public indecency charges, is being sent back to prison for six months and 20 days after being found guilty of parole violations.

Robertson and Ohio Sen. Gary Cates say it’s wrong that Hamblin’s alleged parole violations were kept secret from the time of his arrest in late December until he was found guilty of the violations this week. Cates says addressing these issues will be “high on the agenda” for the state Republican legislative caucus. A county Web site listed Hamblin as incarcerated after he was transferred to an unlocked halfway house. “When you’re out in the public 10 hours a day, you are not incarcerated,” Robertson said. “If the information on those Web sites is not correct, what good are they? I think it should say, ‘Work release.’ That way, you know they’re out in the public.” As a result of the Robertsons’ efforts and with Cates’ help, “Nicole’s Law,” which toughens penalties for indecent exposure, was signed into law last month.


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