Military Gives Police $124 Million In “Unbelievable Stuff”


The Defense Department is giving away free equipment itary no longer needs to state and local police, such as fatigues for secret surveillance of drug labs and a tranquilizer gun to shoot bears, reports the Associated Press. About 16,000 police departments obtained more than 380,000 pieces of equipment in the 2005 budget year. The items, which include night-vision goggles, copy machines, helicopters, and bulletproof vests, were worth nearly $124 million.

Authorities in Bucks County, Pa., received two hand-me-down armored vehicles to protect officers in hostage standoffs. The total savings to local taxpayers: more than $70,000 apiece. The top recipients nationwide are California, with $17 million worth of equipment, followed by Indiana, $10.5 million, and North Carolina, $10 million. “We’ve gotten unbelievable stuff,” said police Sgt. Jim Forbes in Hampton, Va. “It’s benefiting a whole lot of folks in this business.”


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