Furor Over Police Response In S.F.’s “Night Of Mayhem”


As a joke, two 19-year-olds billed their New Year’s Eve party in San Francisco as Night of Mayhem. Later, that didn’t seem so funny, says the San Francisco Chronicle. Guests of honor were members of the Baker’s Dozen, an all-male a cappella group from Yale College. The night ended with one member of the Baker’s Dozen suffering a broken jaw, another receiving a concussion, and others sustaining bruises after they encountered a 19-year-old uninvited guest at the party and then met some of his friends on the street outside.

A controversy has erupted over the fact that four alleged assailants, detained briefly by police at the scene, have not been charged. The incident has sparked national media attention, prompting questions about how police responded and what Chief Heather Fong and Mayor Gavin Newsom had to say about it. Yale College Dean Peter Salovey has said he is “shocked and appalled” by what happened. While police investigators and prosecutors decide whether criminal charges should be filed, the Chronicle pieced together an account of the party and its violent aftermath. Frank Passaglia, a former San Francisco prosecutor hired by the uninvited guest’s family, said, “there was no attack.” He added: “You have a bunch of influential people from back East from a very influential university who have gone out of their way to hire influential lawyers and political people who are exerting a lot of pressure to charge somebody.”

Link: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2007/01/26/MNGMHNPLCM1.DTL

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