Critics Say CT Governor’s Aide Forced Public Safety Chief Out


Connecticut Public Safety Commissioner Leonard Boyle is quitting, says the Hartford Courant. Some legislators accused Lisa Moody, the governor’s chief of staff, of running him out of office by micro-managing the state police. Lawmakers and state police union leaders are closely watching to see who Gov. M. Jodi Rell will appoint to succeed Boyle, another in a long line of state police commissioners who grew tired of the in-fighting and backstabbing in the department. Some say they are concerned she will put in a political crony, rather than someone like Boyle, a former federal prosecutor and municipal police officer who was admired by the rank-and-file and management for his professionalism and honesty.

Boyle appeared before the legislature’s public safety committee to testify about a recent internal affairs scandal and the arrest of a political activist at the governor’s inaugural parade. “Whether we are talking about the incident with the parade or the state police, we should keep politics out of policing,” said Rep. Stephen Dargan, the committee’s co-chairman.


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