Young MI Killer Released; State Recidivism Rate Low


Nathaniel Abraham, 21, who killed a man at age 11 and became the youngest person ever charged as an adult with first-degree murder in Michigan, was released yesterday and plans to work as a factory custodian, reports the Detroit Free Press. “I’m not going back to society to cause any other family any hurt,” Abraham told a judge.

Experts said Abraham’s chances for re-entering society successfully are remarkably good, if he can get past his own notoriety. Leonard Dixon, director of the state Bureau of Juvenile Justice, said 78 percent Michigan juvenile treatment program graduates remain free of criminal convictions two years after release. “Now, you can’t guarantee anything, but I still say that the emphasis now has to be on how the community tries to help these kids,” Dixon said. “We can do everything we can in the system, but the community needs to step up because these kids are part of that community.”


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