Internet Out Of Control? L.I. Girls Charged In Online Assault


The vicious attack on a teenage Long Island girl that was posted on the Internet and broadcast on television across the nation appears to have been about love, says Newsday. The 13-year-old victim who was kicked and punched by three other girls had previously dated the boyfriend of one of her attackers. After online discussions, the two agreed to meet at an elementary school to air their grievances about the boy. Instead of the amicable meeting the girl was expecting, her attacker showed up with two other friends to settle the beef with taunts and blows. As they took turns pulling hair and yelling profanities, the boy in question was allegedly nearby.

The three suspected attackers, freshmen at North Babylon High School, were arrested on charges of juvenile delinquency. School Superintendent Joseph Laria said the girls had been suspended until April. They will be allowed to return only after a special conference to determine their demeanor and state of mind. “Bullying today has escalated to a point where it is more vicious and more violent,” Laria said. “This Internet business is out of control.”


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