Goudeau Charged In 9 Phoenix “Baseline Killer” Cases


A Phoenix grand jury returned a 74-count indictment against Mark Goudeau, charging him with nine murders and a slew of other crimes in a spree of killings, rapes and robberies that terrorized the area for 13 months, the Arizona Republic reports. The indictment comes a month after Phoenix police submitted a 15,000-page report to reassure the public that the right man was in custody in the “Baseline Killer’ case. The investigation to find the killer was the largest in Phoenix history, costing the Police Department more than $1 million.

Goudeau, 42, was arrested in September after police said DNA linked him to one of the sexual assaults that had been blamed on the Baseline Killer. Goudeau’s attorney, Corwin Townsend, said his client “absolutely” is not guilty. He said: “Mark’s position hasn’t changed. My position hasn’t changed. We’ve said all along that they’ve got the wrong guy. We say that now.”

Link: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0117goudeau0117.html

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